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JANUARY 13, 2015

The virtual construction and management of commercial building space has finally made its way to Main Street. It’s just in time for JM Engineering to help improve the bottom line of any construction project. The engineers at JME specialize in the design of efficient HVAC and process piping for new or upgraded commercial construction projects. It’s no longer necessary to invest scarce financial resources in a commercial building only to learn that the building is nearly impossible to heat or cool after the construction crews have departed and the doors have been opened for business. JME, on the other hand, believes that every building owner and manager should know exactly what to expect before a construction project even begins.

Commercial Properties

JME utilizes Building Information Modeling, or BIM, to recommend the ideal HVAC system for a new or upgraded commercial building project. The installation of an efficient radiant heating and cooling system will ensure real energy savings and maximize property value. BIM involves the use of 3D images to predict the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. This includes banks, public buildings, airports, showrooms, medical facilities, office buildings and other major installations.

Building Information Modeling relies on advanced rendering software to produce a three dimensional model of a proposed building or refurbished facility. The virtual model allows experienced JME engineers to identify the systems and controls that are ideally suited to a particular building project. Moreover, and perhaps even more crucial to the success of a major building project, BIM makes it possible for JME engineers to eliminate system flaws that could jeopardize the financial viability of an expensive commercial enterprise. The final result is a streamlined model that will help guide architects, contractors and maintenance managers for many years to come.

Informational Hub

A customized BIM model provides an information hub to effectively plan and manage a commercial building project. Every member of a project team is better able to visually conceptualize a complex project from beginning to end. Three dimensions of vital project information is amazing. Ultimately, though, BIM provides an astonishing 5D project rendering, including time and cost, to improve information management and project communication.

The beauty of BIM is that in spite of the sheer volume of information and detail that is portrayed to countless project stakeholders, virtual planning and management are made simple by the design and clarity of the software presentation. The concept can be startling at first, but JME and Building Information Modeling make it possible for investors to predict the viability of a commercial building project before it ever becomes necessary to disturb a vacant lot or existing facility.