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Hellgate High School Becoming a 21st Century Learning Environment

JM Engineering is excited to be working with the Missoula County Public Schools and MacArthur Means & Wells Architects to bring Hellgate High School into the 21st Century.

Students at Missoula’s Hellgate High will be benefiting in a big way from the funding provided through the recent school bond.  JM Engineering will be working to design new high-efficiency heating plant upgrades for the school.  New ventilation systems will be added to improve the comfort and health of students.   Designs for a much-needed cafeteria are also included as part of the $26 million renovation project.  These changes, along with essential technology upgrades will bring the outdated and overcrowded Hellgate High School up to meet the current standards of excellence we aspire to provide all of our students as part of the Missoula County Public Schools.

Visit the MacArthur Means & Wells website to learn more about the architects designing this school renovation.

More information about the new Smart Schools projects can be found on the Missoula County Public Schools website.