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Contact JME for Your Engineering Needs

HVAC Engineering

JM Engineering is the premier engineering company for all of your HVAC related needs. Heating, ventilation and, of course, air conditioning is what we do professionally on a daily basis. We work with a diverse group of institutions and companies, and we would be happy to work with you if given the chance. JME is always available for contact or basic consultation on any project, big or small; as long as it is within the professional realm of what we do, we will help you achieve your engineering goals.

Who We Are

Our engineering solutions company began with an expert dream created by John Melvin, an expert in the HVAC field who holds a mechanical engineering degree from Montana State University. Melvin is affiliated with several professional associations, including ASHRAE and USGBC. Melvin and the JBE company are nationally recognized for excellence in the HVAC field. JME was created in 2001, and the staff is full of professionals such as Larry Coles, a detail-oriented expert with more than 30 years of experience in HVAC’s very particular design strategies.

Who We Work With

Typically, we choose to work with institutions such as hospitals and detention facilities as well as schools, laboratories, computer labs and even renovations that hold a historical importance. However, you should contact us if you have an inquiry concerning HVAC for your company or institution, and we will most likely be able to help you. We work with such a diverse clientele that we feel confident we can tackle any potential project.

What We Do

We do a significant amount of important work for the community by providing engineering solutions for multiple large structures. At JME, we provide both residential and commercial locations with a quality supply of hydronic and air systems. Additionally, we provide clients with basic heating systems, cooling systems and temperature control devices. In addition, in the case of places such as hospitals, we offer extremely efficient filtration, pressure control and humidity for the benefit of the hospital’s patients and staff.

If you require assistance with any engineering goal for your building, contact JM Engineering for the greatest care and expertise; after all, customers come first here. Whether you work for a hospital, school, historical building or residential building, we will discover the solutions to your project with a great amount of ease.