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Big Benefits From Mechanical Upgrades

The Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide from the Department of Energy says that savings beyond 45% are achievable when upgrades to the building envelope are combined with retrofits of lighting and mechanical systems.   Numbers like that inspired MCPS to take an integrated whole-building approach with goals to achieve big payback on their investment in Missoula’s historic Hellgate High School.  The plans for the school’s mechanical system upgrades have recently gone out for bid.   At JM Engineering, we are excited to see how the improvements implemented at Hellgate will measure up to energy savings goals.  Check out this list of benefits from mechanical upgrades – which extend far beyond simple energy savings.


  1. Lower Energy Bills – Less usage of both natural gas and electricity.
  2. Increased Property Value
  3. Improved Building Operations
  4. Lowered Maintenance Expenses
  5. Reduced Carbon Emissions
  6. Extended Equipment Life
  7. Improved Student/Staff Productivity
  8. Better Air Quality – Reduces incidents of asthma, flue, headaches &  other illness.